The Halls

“Domein Martinus” is synonymous with quality. The halls have a capacity of 7 to 700 people. The orangery afford you an opportunity to enjoy greenery indoors. Weddings, banquets, company parties, family parties and all culinary festivities possible are catered to here down to the minutest detail.


Our Chef Cook, Lode Van der Auwera, makes a real gastronomic experience of your party. Unique dishes, made with love and passion, are served with class. All ingredients are fresh, finished in detail, taste prevails. All possibilities will be discussed by Lode together with you.


The kitchen is the domain of Chef Cook Lode Van der Auwera. He works here with love on all gastronomic paintings, classy served in the diningroom. All ingredients have to be daily fresh and the taste prevails. Witness of this is his wellknown selfmade bread.

Tasting diners

Have a look at the upcoming tasting diners.

Chateau La Colombie

Your weddingparty at a dreamcastle in the south of France? Chateau La Colombie offers you not just a medieval surrounding, but is also the place to be to create a magical and unforgettable weddingparty. Relax in one of the luxury suites! Top service on a unique spot!

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